We’ve all heard the myth that a pot of gold lies at the end of each rainbow. While we know there isn’t any truth to this, it’s an old adage that is fun to say and has been with us through the ages. Leprechauns play a massive part in the pot of gold legend.  One belief is that the Vikings came to Ireland, looting, and plundering, and left some of their treasure behind when they left, which the leprechauns found. Distrusting all humans, leprechauns decided to bury their loot at the end of the rainbow so it would be almost impossible for humans to find. And so the legend was born, and this is one of the things that have made leprechauns so iconic.  In Irish legend, Leprechauns bury pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, but since a rainbow can only be seen at a distance, the gold is forever elusive. This means the legendary Pot of Gold is a misleading deception.

The Bible is not a misleading deception; it is Truth.

In Genesis, the rainbow is described as a sign of God’s Mercy, a covenant, made in the sky as the symbol of His promise that He would never again destroy the earth with flood.

In the Book of Psalm, the Word of God, the Bible is called a Lamp:

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  Psalm 119:105

The Word of God directs us in our work and way, and a dark place; indeed, the world would be without it. The lamp is kept burning with the oil of the Spirit, as a light to direct us in the choice of our way, and the steps we take in that way. (Matthew Henry)

So how does this relate to Pots of Gold and Rainbows?

Search for your Treasures in Bible Promises – Not in illusive Pots of Gold.