There is no doubt the face of 2020 church worship has been impacted by COVID-19. For the first time Blue Mound celebrated Worship and Communion in a Drive-In Service.

In the 60’s or 70’s the age of outdoor drive-in movie theaters, some would open to the public for Sunday worship services. It seems an isolated way to worship, parking in your car with a speaker stuck in your window.  But it worked well for certain people. In my lifetime I have attend outdoor church services of different types but our drive-in service was out of the ordinary and it shows – our Changing Times.

Humans are many times resistant to change. Even so we can be good at adjusting adapting to new ways of doing things. If we so choose.  The slogan “In this together” does not always ring true.  When social creatures like ourselves are cut off from each other, something happens.  Some people rebel against changes that are made and do their own thing. Some try to adjust to what needs to be done. While being apart we as Christians miss out on the warm, loving essence of the Holy Spirit flowing among us. Yes, I Do believe the Holy Spirit flows through individuals but the fellowship and gathering of believers is so very important in our Worship and our Faith.

In these last six months or so we have had to confront a lot of change and adapting. Not only in our personal and business life but in our spiritual life. Worship of God can and does occur in many ways and many places.

In Malachi 3:6 informs us: “I The Lord Do Not Change….”

I am very happy to see that Blue Mound will began having in-person Sunday Worship in October. Of course, we will have to follow safety procedures. There will be No Hugs. I like Hugs but at least we will be able to say “Hello.”  We will be able to gather together. Times are Changing. God Does Not!   -Linda