Have you heard of Staycations? What about 5-Minute Daycations?

Recently, I heard a Christian message on TV about taking a 5-Minute Vacation during your day. The message talked about taking a daily rest from stress. Through the year we can take weekend and one day vacations, Summer is a vacation season along with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Why not a 5-minute Daycation?

Even if you only take a 5-Minute Getaway, it can make a difference in your day.

You may not be able to actually leave physically. Just close your eyes where you are and get away mentally or even spiritually. A kind of renewing of your mind that can have a big impact.

However, if you are like me taking a 5-minute getaway does not seem like enough time to clear the mind and relax – my mind races on and on. All kinds of things keep popping up.

 I believe Focus is the key: What does your racing mind focus on? If it is things of this world your stress will stay, if things of God a peace will come. A brief prayer before and after the 5-Minutes could help get you to the place you need to be.

OR>> Why not splurge and take a 15-Minute Daycation?