July Celebrations

Birthday 02 Angie Culver Marc Corazao 03 Hunter Klein 07 Calder Thompson 08 Chris Hardin Monica Muns 09 Tom Brooks 12 Roxanne

July Celebrations2021-06-30T02:05:47-05:00

Blue Mound Beacon – July 2021

What is America? Mom, Baseball and Apple Pie. We The People. Family, Friends and Faith. Barbeque. Stars and Stripes Forever. Football. 4

Blue Mound Beacon – July 20212021-06-30T02:03:03-05:00

Newsflash: June 2021

Hallelujah!  We had our first Game Night on Saturday May 22 since the COVID precautions were put in place over a year

Newsflash: June 20212021-06-03T16:37:00-05:00

Celebrate June!

Birthday 07 Bettie Brandenberger 08 Carrie Trietsch       Hayden Muns 12 Shanelle Haisler Joshua Harding-Sheets 18 Hannah Levelle 23 Ray

Celebrate June!2021-06-03T16:34:08-05:00

Pastor’s Notes June 2021

The Jesus Record Singer and songwriter, Rich Mullins, had a plan.  He had been writing beloved and heartfelt songs for other Christian

Pastor’s Notes June 20212021-06-03T16:26:26-05:00

The Blue Mound Beacon June 2021

The mission in the comical game "Smash the Mole" is to whack an endless multitude of moles that constantly stick their heads

The Blue Mound Beacon June 20212021-06-03T16:18:19-05:00

Celebrate May & Mother’s Day

Celebrate May Birthdays 05 Diane Langum 08 Jerry Martin 09 Wanda Graham 12 Ian Corazao 16 Kris Schertz 31 Mary Millar Mother’s

Celebrate May & Mother’s Day2021-06-03T16:17:07-05:00

National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer Event May 6, 7 PM Lifeline Church 2800 Pennsylvania Drive Denton, TX 76205 Our 2021 National Day of

National Day of Prayer2021-06-03T16:15:13-05:00

Pastor’s Notes May 2021

What’s Love Got to Do with It? 1st Corinthians 13.  The Love Chapter.  We all know it.  We all love it.  We

Pastor’s Notes May 20212021-06-03T16:13:47-05:00
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