October Calendar

OCTOBER Calendar     03 Holy Communion 10 Second Sunday Lunch, Noon 23 Family Fellowship Night, 6:00 pm Fun, Games, and Food.

October Calendar2021-10-06T21:58:34-05:00

October Celebrations

Birthday   01 Stacy Schertz Suzanna Stenger David Muns 13 Susanne Barnett 15 John Smith 16 Charlie Ziegel Jeanne Levelle 17 Charles

October Celebrations2021-10-06T21:59:28-05:00

Pastor’s Corner – October

 Hello Blue Mound! I’m getting to know a few of you now and I’m beginning to really love our church family.

Pastor’s Corner – October2021-10-06T22:00:14-05:00

Blue Mound Beacon August 2021

The Beacon Blue Mound UMC August 2021   Do you ever wonder why God compares us to sheep in the Bible? Sheep

Blue Mound Beacon August 20212021-08-24T15:21:37-05:00

September Upcoming Events and Updates!

   05 Holy Communion 12 Second Sunday Lunch, Noon  25 Family Fellowship Night, 6:00 pm Fun, Games, and Food. Wednesday at 6:30p.m.

September Upcoming Events and Updates!2021-08-24T15:17:07-05:00

September Good News!

Karan’s Children’s Message During the Worship Service on Sunday Aug 22, Karan did a Children’s Message about our Words. It related very

September Good News!2021-08-24T15:15:29-05:00

September Birthdays

02 Jacob Klein Michael Trietsch James “Herf” Graham 03 Jessica Wright 04 Jasmine Wright 05 Randy Kidd Juliet Wright 07 Nancy

September Birthdays2021-08-24T15:14:09-05:00

Pastor’s Corner September 2021

Hello Blue Mound Church Family! It has been great to get to meet many of you. Even would be even greater to

Pastor’s Corner September 20212021-08-24T15:12:09-05:00

Blue Mound Beacon – September 2021

Have you heard of Staycations? What about 5-Minute Daycations? Recently, I heard a Christian message on TV about taking a 5-Minute Vacation

Blue Mound Beacon – September 20212021-08-24T15:10:29-05:00

July Celebrations

Birthday 02 Angie Culver Marc Corazao 03 Hunter Klein 07 Calder Thompson 08 Chris Hardin Monica Muns 09 Tom Brooks 12 Roxanne

July Celebrations2021-06-30T02:05:47-05:00
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