Blue Mound Cemetery was established in 1901, and sits beside Blue Mound United Methodist Church. Please contact with any questions.

Dear Funeral Directors, Families, and anyone obtaining information,

Blue Mound Cemetery Committee has been diligent to be able to communicate information needed to update contact information and fees. we are in the process of writing new by-laws and charter. Please note the following requirements are now effective:

  1. New inquiry of burial
  2. Contact Miriam Klein, 940-390-4308 or alternate contact Ricky Schertz, 940-390-0831 to discuss all available places for burial. If there is already a family lot in the cemetery, we will discuss what options remain for burial in that lot. If there is no family lot, other options will be discussed. Grave spaces in the older part of the cemetery will be offered first.
  3. Discuss fees, outer container requirements, and headstone placement. 
    1. Church members may purchase burial rights at $650.00 each for up to four (4) grave spaces. Non-members who have immediate family already in the cemetery may purchase at $1,000.00 per grace space for up to four spaces on a first-come first-served basis. Grave opening fee for burial of caskets or cremation containers is $100.00
    2. An outer container or vault is now required for each casketed grave to minimize future problems of soil settling below ground level after burial.
    3. All new headstones must be of permanent material and in place at the head of the grave within two (2) years of burial.
    4. Cremation: Containers must be buried under 24 inches of dirt. $250 interment fee for each container up to four (4) containers are permitted per grace space with no casket, with one (1) grave marker with all names. Only two containers are allowed with a casket with an additional flat marker identifying names. The grave locating fee does not apply.
    5. All monies should be addressed to Blue Mound Cemetery and mailed to Miriam Klein, 6147 Klein Rd, Sanger, TX 76266. Grave spaces are agreed upon and paid for prior to digging.
  4. Grave Digging: Contact information: Butch Calvert, 940-367-0112 or Chad Calvert, 940-367-0369 to discuss service and fees. Graves are normally dug the morning of the burial. Normally, funeral directors handle contacting grave diggers, but we can assist if necessary.
  5. Marking grave for digger: Grave will be marked by placing a flag in the center at the head of the designated space.
  6. Contact information for use of the Church or Fellowship Hall: Pastor Buster Noah of Blue Mound UMC 940-571-8232 or the church 940-382-0825


Cemetery Committee