07  Jim Haisler

Bobbie Trietsch

08  Lydia Schertz

09  LaRee Lanette Smith

12  Teddy Reynolds

14  Reese Haisler

18  Carroll Barnett

19  Wanda Kuykendall

23  Aaron Klein

29 Jesse Miller

30  Vince Haisler

31  Elizabeth Snapp


08  Kelsy and Chaunsey Digby

28  Danny and Sandra Schertz


Game Night!

Join Us every 4th Saturday of the Month for Family Game Night. We have a covered dish supper starting at 6:00 pm. Bring your favorite food, homemade or store-bought, and add it to our table. Playing games and fellowship come next. If you have a special board game etc. bring it along or play “42”, “Mexican Train” (Express Version), “Chicken Foot,” or other standard fun games.

Saturday, March 28, is this month’s family night.