01 Stacy Schertz

Suzanna Stenger

02 James “Herf” Graham

10 Liberty Cooper

13 Susanne Barnett

15 John Smith

Sandy Darling

16 Charlie Ziegel

17 Charles Bressler

Ruth Hoffpauer

21 Wallace Trietsch

22 Ryan Trevino

24 Carolyn Brooks

25   Helen Elliott

27 Shirley Haisler



03 Aaron and Katie Klein

10 Bob and Kay Goodman

11 Shayne and Jesse Miller

16 Reese and Shanelle Haisler

20 John and Dorothy Smith

26 Billy and Jessica Wright


Note: When new church directory is completed, I will use it to update my Celebration List.                                       *If you see any changes/additions for this October list please let me know… Linda