Blue Mound,

We begin a brand-new decade!

The 2020s will be a very interesting decade for everyone and for our church in some specific ways. The future has its mysteries and with the unknown comes both excitement and fear. There are some things we can know and some things that will remain true. Consider the following in your heart, mind, and prayers as we change the calendar.

In the 2020s –

  • Our country will hold multiple elections
    • Some will like the outcomes, and some will not
  • The economy will become even more automated and the use of AI will accelerate
  • We will still need farm/agriculture for our food supply
  • The United Methodist Church will have General Conferences (for better or worse) to make denomination-wide decisions around several difficult topics.
  • The local churches will still share the gospel, provide a loving community, do incredible mission work, and continue to impact lives for Jesus
  • North Texas Population will continue to skyrocket. Denton County projects to more than quadruple its population by 2050 passing Dallas County in size
    • As population increases that fast, many things will change; some of them will be good and some of them will be difficult
    • Our infrastructure in Denton County cannot currently support that projection, we will need more/bigger: Roads, hospitals, schools, emergency services, and churches
    • Everyone needs a church home, but Denton County doesn’t have enough capacity I churches today to   support even 5% of the growth joining
  • I-35 Will be expanded from 380 north to the County line.
    • This will create more traffic nightmares during construction and fewer headaches once the project is done.
    • Once it is complete another project will begin – likely Milam rd. becoming a tollway to connect I-35 with Dallas North Tollway and 75.
  • Blue Mound UMC will celebrate its 125th year of ministry in Denton County.
  • We will also celebrate Baptisms, Confirmations, Birthdays, Holidays, and all the work God does through this church.

I look forward in awe and look to the past with reverence. It is a blessing to enter the new decade with all of you. May God be with us, it looks like we have a lot of work to do.

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Jacob Fields