The Jesus Record

Singer and songwriter, Rich Mullins, had a plan.  He had been writing beloved and heartfelt songs for other Christian artists and for himself to perform for years.  Sing Your Praise to the Lord, Awesome God, Step by Step, Creed, Screen Door, Hold Me Jesus…  When he looked at the world around him and his own experience with God, he felt a calling to put together a collection of songs specifically about Jesus, exploring the depths of who Jesus is and his significance to us, from lots of angles.  And so, he set to work on The Jesus Record (he originally called Ten Songs about Jesus), pouring his love and soul into his writing.  When he had his drafts of the music completed, didn’t head into a recording studio yet.  Instead, he went into an abandoned church near an Indian reservation, with just a guitar, an old piano, and a cheap cassette recorder he picked up at K-Mart.  Tragically, Rich died in a car accident just nine days after these simple demo recordings were created.  His band and many friends went on to honor Rich by “completing” the album, with full accompaniment in proper recording studios.  And yet there is something hauntingly beautiful and poignant about those original recordings the fit so well with the simple and humble life that Rich led in pursuit of the way of Jesus.

In the last three Sundays I have as pastor with your wonderful people in my Blue Mound family, I want explore Jesus with you in some unique and surprising ways, as we encounter him in the bible, in our own lives, and with the help of Rich Mullins insightful music.  Each Sunday, we will look at Jesus in a new way and pick up a new song by Rich to share together.  I hope you will come to join us during these special times of worship.  I look forward to seeing you and worshiping together with you!

Sunday, May 30 – “All the Way to Kingdom Come” (Mark 8:22-30)

Sunday, June 6 – “Hard to Get” (Mark 4:35-41)

Sunday, June 13 – “Surely God is with Us” (Luke 15:11-32)

Sunday, June 20 – Guest Preacher, Rev. Katie Klein 😊