Our Prayers are extremely important during this unique time of our history.  So many reasons to pray, to give thanks. Ten kinds of Prayers that can help us on a daily basis.

  1. Prayer of Adoration – Focus on worshiping the Lord out of deep love, respect, and admiration. Coming from a place of genuine awe of who the Lord is and all that he does.
  2. Prayer of Thanksgiving Prayers of gratitude are prompted by an answered prayer, deliverance, recognition of how good and merciful God is.
  3. Prayer of Confession – Jesus called for us to confess our sins and sin no more. In the Bible, we get a glimpse of many reminders that God forgives those who confess their sins.
  4. Prayer of Quiet Reflection Prayers of silence draw us away from prayers filled with words, and into a place where we quiet ourselves. They provide us needed time to reflect on God’s goodness and are valuable to learn to hear from the Lord and allow him to guide our steps.
  5. Prayer of Vows – Praying a promise to the Lord may come when we are making a life-changing commitment and need God’s strength, guidance. A pledge to God, that should be followed through, and made with great consideration.
  6. Prayer for HealingThis is spoken when we seek restoration for our physical bodies, spiritual wholeness, or emotional wounds. We can come to God asking for all types of healing.
  7. Prayer for Deliverance and Help – When facing challenges, hardships, or oppression, we find ourselves praying for God’s intervention, deliverance and breakthrough. He can aid us in ways no one else ever could.
  8. Prayer for Transformation – We aim to live like Jesus, live according to his ways. We enter into a lifelong process of transformation in our hearts, minds, and lives with these prayers.
  9. Prayer of Intercession – Praying for others is a crucial to being part of the body of Christ. The Bible instructs us to pray for one another and to intercede on someone else’s behalf.
  10. Prayer of Blessing – Prayers of blessing are powerful ways to ask for God’s best to be poured out for all of us.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18