New Year Prayer Challenge

Let’s Start the New Year with “The 7-Day Pray Challenge”

Began On Monday, January 3rd, Pray Each Day as listed below:



For our military men and women, may God give them the strength needed to protect our great nation.



For our elected leaders, may God give them the resolve to act in the interests of the citizens they represent.



For the judges, may God grant them the wisdom to uphold our Constitution and the bravery to protect our God-given rights.



For the press, may God guide them and strengthen them as they seek the truth.



For our fellow citizens, may God help them keep their hearts on the Creator rather than the creation.



For the next generation, may God give them clear eyes to appreciate the precious freedoms they will inherit as Americans.



For all our religious leaders, may God give them the resolve to speak the truth in darkness and to always remind us that our rights are precious gifts from Him above.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Repeat Every Week in January

Don’t Forget, every day Pray for Your Family and Friends too.