The mission in the comical game “Smash the Mole” is to whack an endless multitude of moles that constantly stick their heads out of the burrows in your garden. You are armed with a hammer, which helps you to quickly slap the army of annoying little cartoon-type animals.  In order to win, it’s important to be extremely attentive and slap the funny moles which pop out of their holes. But in doing so, you must necessarily prepare for the fact that with each stage of the game there will be more and more of the creatures popping up, and you need to develop the speed of reaction. You have a certain amount of time to slam the maximum number of moles. If you have ever played this game, you realize it can become very frustrating.

Let’s apply this gameplay to our life. Replace the moles with life problems and the hammer as the weapon with which we attack them. Is the hammer our own strength and efforts or is it the help and strength of the Lord? How often do we whack away at our problems with our own energy? But the issues keep popping up faster and faster until we get overwhelmed and then cry out for God’s help? As in the Smash the Mole game we as Christians must be very attentive, prepared and develop the speed of reaction to conquer our daily problems>>> By Turning to the Lord First!