2020 opened with a new and pleasurable event at Blue Mound United Methodist Church: The Women’s Refresh Event was planned for the women in our church, in our families, and our friends. First there was time to meet and greet one another and snack on delicious treats. Then— A very informal “Talk Show” format found a stage set for our Hostess, Linda Boyer and her three guests,  Jessica Bullock, Kay Trietsch, and Judy Klein. 


The Hot Topic for the event was “How Does God Refresh You?” 

Each of the “Talk” guests gave their personal reflections on these three questions:

  1. What Bible Scripture or Story Refreshes You? 
  2. When or how in the past did you find God refreshed you? 
  3. How do you feel God will refresh you in the future?


Some responses included:  * Love between Naomi and Ruth inspires me; Out of specific experiences when fear is felt we learn that Jesus will protect us.

*For encouragement remember that we are perfectly made – God gave us 6 trillion cells and each cell is more perfect that anything man can make.  God refreshes us in little things and big things—all things; through music we feel God’s spirit mount up within us and minister to us; Judy said it is refreshing to see the responses to the nativities when people visit the Klein exhibit. 

*It is refreshing when you sit and listen and reflect on your surroundings: while driving – talking to God and feeling his touch; God acknowledges us purposefully – listen quietly and feel Him every day. *Know that God has great plans for each one of us: pray and don’t worry – God reminds me “I’ve got this” *Hearing Sunday’s sermon, I am refreshed; I also see God when I look at pictures of family, I laugh and giggle. *In the future – put your trust and hope in God, pray for family and friends. When you ask what comes next – where do I go, remember the song: “Turn your eyes upon Jesus.” When you inhale you are taking God in and when you breathe out – you breathe out all the pain and worry – do this often every day. 


In closing Linda reminded us of Isaiah 40: 31 –“Those that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. . .” She added Lord, Teach me to wait. This does not mean stopping while you wait. Don’t worry, trust God, be patient. Remember the experiences from past what God has brought you through. How will God refresh you: Remember God is here for you and He will never leave you.  She used the song lyrics from Andrae Crouch’s song “Through It All” and Prayer to finish the program 


This was a very special experience for all of us in attendance. Plans are in the works for the next “Women’s Event” in April, more details will be available at a later time.   Let Linda Boyer know that you would like to participate.